Android App Market Rises to a New High – Why You Should Be Worried about It?

When it comes to mobile apps, iOS has reigned supreme for so long that many companies (and even consumers) have forgotten that there’s anything else out there. There are several different smartphone/device platforms out there, including Windows and Android. Interestingly, as Android has become more and more refined and the number of devices has grown, so too has the market. In fact, Android has reached new highs in terms of apps available, devices running the OS and the number of consumers that can be reached. Should you be worried?

Android Apps Development Growth

Worry Now

If you weren’t worried about Android before, you should definitely be concerned now. The marketplace has grown considerably in recent years, and now rivals (some even claim it outstrips) what’s available through the Apple market. What does that mean for you? Simply put, it means that if you don’t have an Android version of your app out already, then you need to kick things into gear.

Interesting Stats

If you want a real eye-opener about why you need to be concerned about Android, look at these states:

1. Almost 500,000 apps available
2. Over 350,000 of those apps are rated as “high quality”
3. More than 15,000 new apps are being released per month

As you can see from the data above, Android is no longer a “distant” threat – the platform has moved into active status. It is really giving iOS a run for its money. Does that mean you need to worry about Android instead of iOS? Well, that depends.

iOS or Android?

Answering the question of whether you should opt or Android over iOS is difficult to do. Partly, that is because iOS still has more market share and greater reach than the upstart Google OS. That won’t remain true forever, but in the short term, iOS has more consumers under their umbrella. However, Android is definitely worth your time and development effort.

What does that mean? Ideally, it would mean developing and releasing apps for both Android and iOS. Why worry about it? By releasing the same app for both platforms, you are able to take advantage of both the largest smartphone/device markets in the world. Windows is still in the running, but if you’re looking for the two key areas in which to concentrate your efforts, Apple and Android are the two powerhouses to lock in.

The best choice would be to work with an mobile app development company that knows the ins and outs of both iOS and Android so that you can develop stable, rich, engaging apps for both platforms. Doing so requires considerable skill and expertise though, so choose your development partner with care.

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  1. Aadam Gibson says:

    Android App Market is rising on new high and per month, more than 15,000 new apps are available at android store.

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