Android Apps That Manipulate Images

One of the fastest growing applications that is being used on mulliple types of Smartphones, Android has been capturing the market at an exponential rate. Be it in terms of features and facilities that one enjoys in the functional department of this application, it is sure to capture your everyday life by a storm. Development is the main occurence that enhances the existence of this application. This continous change in the platform thrives it be better and also the demand factor from the users make it a point that this application undergoes changes frequently. Multimedia applications like Mobile Images Editing, Auto Focus Photo and some special features have to undergo changes frequently and require an upgrade after sometime. Want to get a hold on the feature? Try out the application found on Android that can be used as an Images Manipulation. To begin with, heree are a few examples of some applications that you can enjoy on your Smartphone.

Dash of Color Free

Want to change your black and white image to a coloured one? Try this.!

Mistakes are common and one should not get worried by it while using this application. This application keeps a track of every single step one takes from the beginning to the end. From picture selection to the last step all are kept in observation.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Collage Lite

One does think of arranging all the photos into a single one and view the efeects added. This is the application for you. You can convert all the photos collection into a single collage which is only limited to one’s imagination till now. By just shaking your phone you can get your application collage all your photos randomly and rearrange them.


Need an Image Manipulation application that gives you enormous scope to have fun with? Here’s what you need. Photofunia is the App you require. It has over 150 scenes that one can play with. The application finds the face in your photo and integrates it with your choiceable scene without any cutting or pasting.

BeFunky Photo Editor

It is one of the most popular photo editing application that one can find. Enjoy it also on your Android now on the run. Edit, Add frames and apply special effects is how to go about using this application.

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