Custom Mobile Apps Announces App Venture Service

Our new app venture service allows anyone with ideas to potentially launch their idea into success at no cost to them.

With a rapidly expanding app market propelled by the iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, the market is expected to pass $46 billion in revenue by 2016.

The process is simple, get in touch with us via email or phone. One of our consultants will arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be sent. Your idea will remain completely safe with us under strict confidentiality.

Once one our consultants has had an opportunity to discuss the idea with you, we will conduct an analysis into the feasibility and profitability of the app.
If we believe there is a potential market for the app, we will arrange for a joint venture to be created, essentially funding the cost of app development and marketing. In return Custom Mobile Apps will take a previously agreed share of the income.

All it takes is an idea, contact us now to make it happen.

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