Android App Development

Google’s Android is no longer a newcomer to the world of smartphones and tablets – it’s proven itself and is here to stay. In fact, the Android Market has been around almost as long as the Apple App Store. It debuted the same year as the App Store (2008), just a few months after Apple rolled out their system. Within just 14 months, the Android Market had 20,000 apps available for consumers, and it hit 1 billion downloads in 2010. The number of apps available rose to 400,000 in 2011, and it just keeps climbing. When you add in the Amazon Appstore to Google’s Android Market, you get even more impressive figures.

We help you leverage that growth with custom Android app development. Whether you think you have the next hot game to hit the market, or are more interested in creating a business productivity or file system app, we can help. We offer state of the art design and creation techniques, and our industry-leading experts can create any Android app imaginable. Our designers are all highly proficient with the Android SKD (software development kit), and can create apps for both older and new Android versions.

Of course, custom Android app development is not the only service we offer, and we would never recommend that you develop an app strictly for one platform only. As technology continues to grow and mature, more and more consumers are choosing mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. However, they’re not choosing the same platform. This diversity means that you have to take advantage of every opportunity available to you, and Custom Mobile Apps Pty can help you do exactly that.

We specialise in creating custom mobile apps for all platforms, from iOS and Android to the new Windows mobile platform, ensuring that you enjoy the best visibility and profitability from your app.