Blackberry Development

RIM BlackBerry remains one of the cornerstones in the smartphone industry – they helped start it all, with pioneering design and unique operability. Today, while Apple and Google might be making the most headlines, BlackBerry is still breaking new ground, and BlackBerry AppWorld offers RIM users access to a plethora of smartphone apps.

BlackBerry AppWorld launched a little behind other marketplaces, such as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. It went live in April of 2009, almost a year after Apple debuted their online app store. By mid-2011, AppWorld held 30,000 apps and is still growing. Of course, AppWorld doesn’t have the immense number of available apps found with Google or Apple, but that is actually a good thing, as it helps ensure that your app stands out. It’s also due to differences in the various user bases – BlackBerry users are far more likely to be interested mostly in business, productivity, communication and utility apps, rather than games and the like.

Whether you want to bring a hot new utility or the next big productivity app to BlackBerry AppWorld, we can help. We offer advanced programming and design services to ensure that not only does your custom BlackBerry app look great, but that it offers users the best in terms of functionality and usability. However, we can offer much more than that.

Custom Mobile Apps Pty can give you the means to develop and distribute your new app to every marketplace for every platform – from iOS to Android, BlackBerry to Windows. Mobile technology has exploded and as more and more devices find their way into the hands of consumers, you need to make sure that your app is available (and highly visible) in as many places as possible. We can help you achieve that goal through our groundbreaking custom app development and marketing solutions.