iPhone Apps Development

Here at Custom Mobile Apps Pty, we pride ourselves on creating stable, beautiful custom iPhone app development. The iPhone and Apple’s App Store started the mobile app revolution and they still lead the pack in terms of popularity and the number of apps available.

The App Store has been around for some time – it debuted back in July of 2008. It took only 8 months for the App Store to hit 20,000 apps, and only 11 months to hit the 1 billion downloads mark. By June of 2011, the App Store had 10 billion downloads, and that number is increasing very quickly.

We will take your idea for an iPhone app and develop it, fine tune it, polish it and distribute it to the App Store. Our job isn’t done once it’s there, though – we also market your app for you. With more than 800,000 mobile apps available, yours has to stand out from the crowd if you ever want it to be noticed. Our expertise and experience allows us to do that easily.

We create cutting edge custom iPhone mobile apps that offer the utmost in terms of stability and long-term usability. Our proven track record in app creation is also due to the significant user-friendliness and level of customisation we provide in every iPhone app we develop. Our reputation rests on the quality of your app – attention to detail, full functionality and stunning design are our hallmarks.

However, we’re not just about custom iPhone app development. We specialise in developing mobile apps for all platforms, including iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows. In this modern world, you cannot afford to pin your success to one platform – we give you the ability to get your app designed and out there in the wild for all platforms, increasing your sales and your success.